Paul O’Connor runs Judo Design from his office in the centre of a large forest, in the middle of nowhere, in a remote region of north-west Ireland, on the farthest edge of western Europe. He is accompanied by his ever patient wife and two fine jack russells. He has over 25 years experience in all types of print and digital graphic design.

His client base is predominately from charity, state, educational and Buddhist organisations, with clients all over Europe, the US and India. He often works closely with companies such as DHR Communications and Alice PR & Events to offer clients deeper communications, marketing and strategy facilities.

Paul is also a photographer and was once a video artist. As a founding member of The Light Surgeons he created mixed media projections for contemporary dance and music events for many musicians, from DJ Shadow to David Bowie. He also designed and produced many commercial product launches and fashion shows for companies like Smirnoff, Guinness, Mtv, Emporio Armani…

A large part of his time is spent offering free design services to many Buddhist organisations such as Bodhicharya, Karmapa Foundation Europe, Jampa Ling etc. He is currently a director of Bodhicharya Publications. One of the biggest projects in this area was designing and photo curating a large photographic book The Future is Now for H.H. The 17th Karmapa in India in association with The Academy of Everything is Possible, Dublin, and Hay House, New York.

Paul has also designed and built websites for Bodhicharya, Karmapa Foundation Europe, Jampa Ling, Asral Mongolia and Made in Mongolia (MIM) which he continues to webmaster.